Wecome back to the gemba!




Go to the gemba, and stand in an imaginary circle looking at how one task is done (ask nicely the person first)


Watch how fluidly the person works.


Do they move confidently from one step to the next? Do they always follow the same sequence of steps? Do they encounter obstacles and have to double back? Do they struggle with difficult or dangerous tasks?


Work with the person in using sorting, straightening, sweeping and standardizing to create a work environment where it's easier to move fluidly from one step to the next and to achieve the job right first time in the way customers like it.


Have you, together, made the work easier? What do they think? What do you think?


Further thinking

Dr. Michael Ballé will assist as virtual sensei for this e-learning experience with your own team to illustrate the key concepts you'll explore in the book.