Welcome back to the gemba!




There is no way around it - at some point you're going to have to experiment with a leveling box


List all the products/deliveries that one cell produces

(In admin, all the jobs the team does for others)


Then split up the day/week/month in regular pitch intervals and, using Takt Time, draw cards for each slot where a work container/job is needed.


Whenever a container/job is picked up, use cards to reproduce what has just been sold in the same order, much like a restaurant does with orders from the tables. Don't overthink it or overcalculate it. Every restaurant in the world works in kanban, there is no reason your team can't.


And then run it until you see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the cell and start solving problems!

Further Thinking

Dr. Michael Ballé will assist as virtual sensei for this e-learning experience with your own team to illustrate the key concepts you'll explore in the book.